10 reasons to say no to Iphone

1) It’s expensive: Every time Apple announces a new iPhone, there is an inevitable backlash over the exorbitant price

2) Closed approach: Since its very beginning Apple has always taken a closed approach to its software and hardware.

3)  There's no micro SD card slot : a micro SD is so much easier to use and it’s a shame Apple favors design so much more over usefulness.

4)  Most iOS innovations are Android copies:  A good example of this is the new quick settings bar. The quick settings menu is a nifty addition that offers a quick and easy way to access certain options and quickly check notifications, however it’s a feature that’s been on Android for years now and the only real difference is that you access it by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, not the top.

5) Larger, Full HD Screens: iPhone 5s offers a 4-inch display with a less-than-HD 1136 x 640 resolution, That’s great specs for two years ago!

6) Your Choice of Keyboard: Want to trace between letters, change the color of your keys or get haptic feedback as you type? How about next-word prediction? Buy an Android phone.

7)Connects with NFC : NFC lets you pair with a myriad of peripherals, including headphones, TVs and media servers, with just a single tap.  Apple doesn’t seem to care about this important standard as the iPhone 5s still doesn’t have it

8)Accesses the File System: When you plug your Android phone into a PC, it mounts like a USB Flash drive and lets you see all your files and folders. When using the device itself, a simple program like Astro File Manager allows you to browse, copy, move or delete your files and folders.

9)Universal Sharing Menu: Android has a universal sharing menu that allows you to post photos, videos or text from any app with shareable content to any social network, email client, chat client or other app that can share.
Unfortunately, iOS requires each app to have its own fixed list of share options which are enabled by the developer.  Safari and the iOS photo gallery can share with Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, but not with other services such as Google+.

10) Uses a Real USB Port:  If you have an Android phone, you can not only copy files to and from your phone over USB, but also tether it or attach a USB peripheral like a Flash drive through that port. Unfortunately, in order to make a few extra dollars off of its users, Apple uses a proprietary Lightning connector that can only be connected to a USB port with the help of an adapter cable, which is likely to end up in a landfill the next time Apple changes its standards.

11)Shows Multiple Apps Side-by-Side: The iPhone 5s’s iOS 7 operating system doesn’t provide any way to run apps side by side. Considering the way that Apple handicaps developers by sandboxing apps, it’s unlikely that anyone will be able to write a third-party utility to enable multi window.

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